Today’s Sports Update

Photo taken by me.
Photo taken by me.

I am the author/creator of Today’s Sports Update.  Sports always played a big part in my life. I grew up a basketball fan, but I also developed a passion for baseball and football.

I started writing in 2004, circulating my blog to friends and family only. Many of them told me to write on a public domain. Three years after, I decided to go through with it. WordPress gave me that spotlight to write.

The blog covers many sports, including my big three (baseball, basketball and football). I also cover MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), soccer and hockey on occasion. My pieces are more commentary and sometimes reflective. Others are previews of events and making football picks.

Work Samples:

NCAA: The Student Athlete Dilemma

Phil Jackson vs. Michael Jordan: The Matchup No One Expected

Derek Jeter: He Ended it His Way

Chicago White Sox: The Curious Case of Paul Konerko

NFL 2015 Wild Card Playoffs

UFC: Is CM Punk the Right Man for the Octagon?


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